IDE sluggish with SHIFT/CTRL+key combinations

Has anyone else noticed this? I am on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit and using a Swedish keyboard on my Dell Precision M4700 laptop.
Editing code and using CTRL+C / CTRL+V / SHIFT+END / SHIFT+HOME / SHIFT+UP / SHIFT+DOWN key combinations, I find the they respond sluggish and I need to hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key longer to get the proper results. I find my self having problems pasting just copied pieces of code, requiring me to hit CTRL+V a second time to get the text to paste. Likewise, SHIFT+END/HOME/ARROW KEYS more often than not requires to be hit twice. For example SHIFT+DOWN ARROW quick hit 5 times most of times simply produces 3 or 4 selected lines.

I have tried to see if this is due to the fact that I using a special font (Source Code Pro) and reverted back to System - still same problems.
I have tried to see if it is due to long Methods or not - still same problems.

Using DebugView on Windows I see that this line is logged when pasting:
[3724] Command “Paste” handled by Window “Xojo - [source_editor.xojo_binary_project *]”
Hitting CTRL+V repeatedly and fast, the line is not logged the correct number of times so the IDE simply doesn’t see my keypresses.

I am coding 24/7/365 and have never seen this in any other of my IDEs: RB 2012r2.1, PHPed, Eclipse or VisualStudio. While Eclipse is particularly sluggish at times it never, ever loses any keypresses!

Could this be fixed please?

I have trained myself to not use these key combinations to avoid these problems, but it does severely reduce my productivity.

So yes [quote=84120:@Mattias Sandström]Could this be fixed please?[/quote]

Seems Ctrl-V is the worst of all.

This has been an ongoing problem with Xojo on Windows for a while. The lag was much worse in 2013, and things improved with 2014R1, but we are not there yet. Let us hope Xojo engineers keep this in mind and that they finally put this one to rest.

In the meantime, use the edit menu options or right-click.

Thanks for the feedback.
I see FB 32612 along these lines that was close as “Not Reproducible”.

More digging in Feedback I found 32569 and wasted some of my FB points on that. Keeping fingers crossed.

My experience has been that it is not sluggish, it just doesn’t “take”. I hadn’t really tried to see if it was sluggish, so the next time it starts acting up, I’ll do a copy then wait a minute or two to see it finally makes it in. It seems to happen more so when the IDE has been open awhile. I just tried it after just firing up the machine when everything is clean and it worked perfectly. I saw other copy and paste feedback cases on this issue, so they are aware of the problem.