IDE should put up a warning / dialog when it is translocated


Can case <> and <> get some attention?

Every week I have a client who runs into this with a Xojo version not loading plugins.

I even got some example code for Xojo Engineers to add to the Xojo IDE code:

[code]// check for quarantine

If app.ExecutableFile.NativePath.InStr("/AppTranslocation") > 0 Then
Dim d As New MessageDialog // declare the MessageDialog object
Dim b As MessageDialogButton // for handling the result
d.Icon = MessageDialog.GraphicCaution // display warning icon
d.ActionButton.Caption = “Show Help”
d.CancelButton.Visible = True // show the Cancel button
d.Message = “Xojo is in quarantine. Do you like to learn how to fix this?”
d.Explanation = “While Xojo is in quarantine, it can’t load plugins.”

b = d.ShowModal // display the dialog
Select Case b // determine which button was pressed.
Case d.ActionButton
// user pressed Save
ShowURL “Page Not Found — Xojo documentation

End Select
End If[/code]

May need a help page to show.