IDE: Search Manual


i am looking for a Manual which describes how to restrict the Search in the IDE to search only for Events, Properties, … but can’t find one. Is there any Manual which describes these options?

You are in Window1.Open Event.
Preff Cmd-F (or Ctrl+f),
Click in the rightmost icon (of the three located at the left of a PopupMenu, in the middle of the window, horizontally),

This will restrain the search to the current Event.

I hope this is clear.

Edit: let the MouseCursor above these Icons and you will get a hint (except the small PopupMenu).

Thank you @Emile Schwarz. But what i am looking for is the Syntax to use while i search for Events, Properties, … only, not within them.

Excuse my weak english please. :slight_smile:

Looks like (still can’t find the Documentation for it) Filters like type:event Open are only working in the Navigator? :frowning:

See Advanced Filtering at .

Thank you @Beatrix Willius :slight_smile:

I would like to search for a specific piece of Code within a specific Event (f.e. the Open Event) across the whole project. And in a perfect world, i could even use Regular Expressions in such a case. :slight_smile:

Is this really not posbile and should i open a FR ?

The PopupMenu I was talking earlier have RegEx search. Note that I never use it.

I know. But unfortunately i can’t say f.e., search by “this RegEx” but only within Open Events of any kind of Object.