IDE scripts

Two questions:

I’m fiddling with IDE scripts. If I recall correctly I thought that the scripts shown in the File->IDE scripts menu had a hotkey attached CTRL-1, CTRL-2 and so on (windows)? Can’t find it any more.

If I want to insert a comment blok at the cursor position (not at start of text), how to do that?

No shortcut keys

Insert a comment just like in xojo
Type // or ’ or even REM then your comment

EDIT - OH YOu want a script to insert a comment where the editor is at … not what I thought at all :stuck_out_tongue:

You would use SelText, etc. Think of the current code editor as a TextArea. The insertion point is SelStart. Any highlighted text will result in SelLength being greater than zero and the highlighted portion is accessible via SelText. If you set SelText, you insert text at the cursor (and replace any highlighted text, so set SelLength to zero first).

Ok I’ll try… thanks.