IDE Scripts Menu Order

Does anyone know how to reset the display order in the IDE Scripts menu?

I have a couple of dozen project scripts that were named strategically and always sorted alphabetically. Suddenly, they appear to be randomly sorted.

They appeared to be cached somewhere. I’ve tried emptying the folder and repopulating, renaming the scripts, switching between Xojo releases without success.

Keith DeLong

There isn’t one. That they used to load in alphabetical order was a nice happenstance of how loading the folder items worked - it happened to grab them in alphabetical order. Seems like a reasonable feature request though.

Groan… I’d regard this as a bug. Isn’t the IDE Scripts menu essentially useless if you have more than just a few scripts?

The way Jason worded things, it sounds like it’s just iterating the folder - which on the new Apple file system isn’t guaranteed in any order. I wouldn’t regard this as a bug since it was happenstance.

Made a feedback case for you <>