IDE Scripting

I saw this post in another (very long) conversation:

[quote=14448:@Norman Palardy]It’s not quite a “command line compiler” and WOULD require a logged in user session to be possible

Never noticed that the utility is missing from the install
However an old version should run just fine - and yes it does let you more or less achieve what you asked[/quote]

I want to communicate with the IDE using .Net what is the underlying IPC method of communication? Expected answers along the lines of:
Named Pipe
File Mapping

I have looked at the RBIDEScript example and the implementation is hidden inside IPCSocket. When I try to open a MemoryMapped file I get a Directory Not Found (could not find part of the path) exception but my path is exactly the same as per the RBIDEScript sample obtained from the lines

parent = SpecialFolder.Temporary
return parent.Child("REALStudioIDE").ShellPath

In RBIDEScript the path is : C:\Users\carlclarke\AppData\Local\Temp\REALStudioIDE
and in .Net the path is: C:\Users\carlclarke\AppData\Local\Temp\REALStudioIDE

Am I missing some magic?

You’ll probably be better off writing some middleware in Xojo that exposes a TCPSocket or something and shuttles commands back and forth.

[quote=14541:@Carl Clarke]
Am I missing some magic?[/quote]
You wont get .Net to talk to the IDE I’m afraid
The mechanism for IPCSockets is deliberately not documented as the implementation is actually not one of the things you mention.

:slight_smile: I had a feeling about that… Anyway I got it to work the hacky way but thanks for the reply.

IF you have an old copy of the distribution look in Extras -> IDE Scripting & there’s source code for a tool you can modify that can talk to the IDE
THat would let you build whatever tool it is you need

Thanks, I found it as you mentioned it in another conversation yesterday. I have that working now (communicating through a Windows Forms app) so I will see what I can do with it.