IDE Script Using Clause & compatibility settings

I can’t see how to add a Using Clause (not in code, but at the class/module level) or set compatibility settings for a method with IDE scripting. Am I missing something? Or should I file a feature request?

This is what i found in the help of Xojo:
You can also use Using with classes and modules (Insert ? Using Clause). When used in this manner, the Using applies to the entire class or module and all code contained within it.

. create (insert) a new class or module
. mouse pointing on the class or module in the navigator and right click and select 'add to class/module and then select ‘Using Clause’
. in the inspector enter the name of the namespace

Using does work in IDE script within code, but I don’t know any way to apply it to the entire module/class level in IDE script. I also do not know of a way to set any of the compatibility flags from within IDE script.

Thanks for confirming @Paul Lefebvre. The Using Clause is pretty simple to add, but I can have many methods I need to change the compatibility settings on.

I have created two Feature Requests <> & <>.