ide script to show all projects items file path ?

I would like to have such a script to check if all my external items really point to the right folder
as you are forced to check each item one after the other with the “show on disk” command
and this is painful with a lot of items in the project…

as I’m quite new to scripting the IDE (I had a desktop licence for a long time) did anyone already make such a script
and save me time by publishing it ?

or can you point me to some web where there are ide script examples ?

many thnaks.

I’m not aware of a way to do this. But why would you need this? Yes, the IDE is very finicky about this. If you have problems with this I’d rather restructure the data on the harddisk.

I only want a script that prints all the items in the current project, and their full path on disk if they are externat items
is it possible to do with the ide script language ?
are these informations accessible from the script language ?

I found there is some mess in my projects and their successive versions, and yes I have to restructure the way I store them
but for now I would like to clean up the mess … :wink:


it seems you’re right : I can get all the items names in a project
but not any other property, and not also any way to set any property like the file path on disk …

The Arbed tool can put project with all files referenced in a folder together.