IDE Script - MacOSXAppName problem - again

I’m trying to change the name of the app, pre-build in an IDE script:

[code]If ConstantValue(“App.kisBeta”)= “True” Then

Dim v As String = "BetaVersion " + PropertyValue(“App.LongVersion”) + “pr” + ConstantValue(“App.kBetaVersion”)
//Print v
PropertyValue(“App.MacOSXAppName”) = v
Print PropertyValue(“App.MacOSXAppName”) //this is correct


PropertyValue(“App.MacOSXAppName”) = “BuildVersion”

End If[/code]

But it ain’t workin! The Print command shows the correct name but when it builds the app it still has its original name…

You need to change the name in an IDE communicator script not in an IDE script. By the time you build it’s too late in the IDE script.

[quote=479796:@Beatrix Willius]By the time you build it’s too late in the IDE script.[/quote] Is that specific to the MacOSXAppName property? I am able to change other properties (e.g. longVersion and shortVersion) in a pre-build script with no problem.

I think so. The same is true for the bundle id.

It seems that bundle id can be changed, using PropertyValue(“app.application identifier”) - note the space included.