IDE Prompts to agree to Xcode terms and won't build

I’m a daily Xcode user and I know that I’ve agreed to the Xcode EULA/Terms. However, each time I select Build, the IDE pops up the “Please launch Xcode” dialog and refuses to build.

Any workaround?

I have verified that I’m running 6.1.1 with the additional tools installed. Plus, the Simulator works as expected.

I’ve restarted 14r3 and even rebooted with no success.

(Also checked to make sure iOS was active in my license - it is)

This came up during the beta. Here’s a thread with a potential solution:

Thanks Jason, that worked.

Now I’ve discovered that the project doesn’t save the Team and “Build for App Store” settings…

New twist - The install now succeeds with the proper Team profile selected, but th actual install fails because of mismatching entitlements. When I click the Entitlements “…” button, it’s asking for a file. What file do I select for that?

Found that one too. You can’t use a specific app profile, you MUST use the wildcard profile. I generally create app-sppecific profiles (com.tolisgroup.bru-server.agent, com.tolisgroup.bru-pe, com.tolisgroup.tapecalc). However, until I selected and created a wildcard profile (com.tolisgroup.*), I could not get a successful upload to my test devices.

Is this an issue with the iOS build in Xojo, or has Apple changed something (again) in the last 3 months?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the answer is a little of both. Regardless, we’ll look into it.

Nothing surprises me with Apple any more…