IDE on Windows 8 problems

I’m having a difficult time with the Xojo IDE on Windows 8. Sometimes components are visible, sometimes they aren’t. As an example, I recently placed a label on a ControlContainer. It is visible at run time ‘only’ if i have ‘Transparent’ set to off. I have other labels with’Transparent’ set to on and they work. There are times when I place a label on a ControlContainer and it will not be visible at run time. If i click one of the corner locks it will (sometimes) be visible at run time.

All in all, it is very hit or miss. I don’t recall having this problem with RB.

Is anyone else on Windows 8, and are you seeing this problem?

bob k.

If you have a sample project that demonstrates this I’d love to see it.

im on Win8 and ive not had any major issues. the open project dialog says ‘not responding’ for about 30 seconds
when i start xojo but thats about it.

William, how do I send the zip file to you?

Create a Feedback case, attach the Zip and then post the case # here or send the # to William using a private conversation.

Case #27527

let me know if you need any other info.