IDE: number of recent project can be increased

Why only the last 10 open projects in the Chooser Project window ?

The are are plenty space available in the Chooser Project window.

If I want to get a project where I use a specific trick used in a project created n days / weeks / months ago, I have to open more than one project to find the one I seek.

Also, “Get An Eye On” (in the Finder) only displays the file name, the file size and its last modification date. If only it displays the project contents (how, what, these are up to Xojo staff); a flat representation of the code inside the project will be nice.

To “Get An Eye On”, in the Finder, only select an item and press the Space Bar. There is a MenuItem for that in the File Menu too.

Edit ~/Library/Preferences/com.xojo.xojo.plist. Change value in Recent Item Count.

I think you’re referring to Apple’s QuickLook preview. The only 3rd party plugin I’ve seen is from MBS which displays the version number of the IDE in the preview. More info

Tanner: thanks for the tips.

Yes: Apple’s QuickLook. They even add a feature to display old Picture (PICT / QuickDraw)…

BTW: this is a xPlatform feature; I saw it under Linux lately (Ubuntu ?).