IDE: number of displayed events

If you want to add an event, you may have to scroll the sheet window to get the remainder of the events.

There are plenty space (vertically) to display more than the actual 16 entries.

Good idea. But in most of the cases I know the name of the event and by typing the first letter (for example TextChange in a TextField), the listbox scrolls down. So for me it is not that imported, thought it would be nice, if the dialog was larger.

Eli: thank for your answer.

No offence, but same can apply to bookmarks in browsers: to go to many web site (including this one), I do not need bookmarks, I only type the first letters of the web site and get autocomplete on…

“for” in the URL field autocompletes to “”.

I do that in all info sites, comics sites, xojo, etc.

But - back to this conversation subject - I search the Event name I want in the list and I must scroll the list to be sure to get the one I want. And I do not talk about the Events that goes in the wrong location (I select a Paint event for Canvas1, and I get a Paint event in Window1; I consider that my fault: I have to watch more carefully the screen and dismiss the sheet if the event will not go where I want).

  • I think you misunderstood my answer - your comment makes no sense to me.
  • The “wrong location” thing: I never have this issue. But make sure that before creating an event handler,that the window or control is marked in the navigator - and by marked I mean properly marked (blue background, not gray).

Your second dot correspond to what I get, sometimes.

BTW: what you call a blue background is a dark blue background ? (I never noticed blue, but colors and me…).

No sense: I select an entry in the Navigation pane, cmd-option-e (or ctrl-alt-e) and get the list of events; in that window you can find where the event will be added (in Window1, in Canvs1, …).