IDE not accepting cursor input 2021 R3.1 Silicon

Frequently I’m unable to insert any text (typing) in the Xojo IDE on my Mac M1. I have to close and reopen my project and then it’ll let me continue coding. It happens many times an hour - does anyone else see this happening?

What happens if you ⌘-Tab away from Xojo and back? Can you type again?

I have similar issues (though not as frequently) and find ⌘-Tabbing out of Xojo and back restores keyboard functionality.

Unfortunately no - no amount of toggling away from the IDE helps :frowning: I can move between open tabs, select methods etc., but can’t get the editor to allow my insertion point any longer. If I close and reopen the project it works fine, until I do whatever it is I’m doing that locks me out of editing.

New observation: it seems to be related to one specific External Module. I may try messing with the module on the file system and seeing what’s up.

Converting the External Module to an Internal Module got rid of the issue. Strange because I have many External Modules in my project, but only the one I’m working on currently is causing the issue. Nevertheless, making it Internal solved the issue.

This can happen if the external item is being intermittently locked by the OS. is it being backed up by Dropbox or iCloud?

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Can we see who marked a post as the solution, in this forum?

Hi Arnaud, yes - you can see who the “solver” is for each post by scrolling to the very top of the page and looking at the initial entry (there is a “solved by…” added to the original post). :+1:t2:

Hi Greg, no the file system (should) not have been futzing with the module. I didn’t have any TimeMachine or DropBox etc. - and after a fresh reboot it was still malfunctioning. I will keep examining the behavior - it may very well have to do with “how” I moved the file around the OS. Who knows. But at least I have a temporary solution for now :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, that shows which post (along with the person who wrote it) was marked as solved, but not who marked this post as the answer.
For instance, I could have clicked myself on your post’s “mark as solution” button; how may then someone else know it’s me who did set your post as the solution?

I guess your forum access must be different than mine Arnaud, because as far I can tell only the original poster can mark a post as the “Answer”.

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Ah, ok. I just didn’t know.
(the “I could have clicked” sentence was a guess).

Thank you for this hint.

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Or a moderator. I had one of mine marked as solved and it wasn’t me. A moderator “thought” that one post should be promoted as “Answer” in my place once.