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Maybe this is an issue only for me, because of not I think it would be implemented already!! :slight_smile:

I left the computer last Friday, to be on the ocean with my father in the weekend. Now, on Monday, I come back and looking in the IDE I just wonder, “where am I??”

There is code in the IDE, in a method somewhere…
But why is this name of this method not written any place!? Or, maybe it is but I can’t find it…?
Maybe it would be a good idea to write in the top, the name of each method, so when I take a break from the IDE, I can still know where in the IDE as I was last working!

Maybe it’s a faster and the better solution!
As no-one else seems to suffer from this! :slight_smile:

This happens to me all the time.

What also happens to me all the time is the need to press several times the \Tab key to get the CUrsor in the COde Editor.

THIS HAPPENS ONLY ON OS/X: on WIndows 8.1, I do not have this trouble at all !

One may wonder: “Emile, why don’t you click in the Code Editor ?”

Good question, but the answer is better: if I do that, the cursor will get a brand new location (that is never where it was before the run)… Also, I often comments one or more lines of code: if I click in the Code Editor main pane, I will lost the selection.

I even think to add Emile (or any other non Xojo reserved word) in my code before quitting the project, so the next time I load it I only have to compile it to be able to go where I left… Go figure.

Top of the code editor

If I’m not wrong, “Emile” is a reserved word… But there is only ONE way to find out!
I was wrong before, it may happen again!

I use Windows.
I now notice, the name sometimes show, sometimes not. Depending on where and how you click… (??) I believe.

The thing is, I’s like the path to show each time!

When I click a method, it would show “Window1 >> mOpenUser” and then, remain no matter if I go to the sea with my father for a week, answer the phone or go for lunch… (You get the idea!)

Maybe it will make the IDE to crowded! Too much information! Then, make this feature as an option. Because in smaller project I think it will not be so important.

(I’d like to add, I close the computer, close the lid on the laptop, that is.)