IDE Menu Handler orphaned Menu Bar

I know this is Xojo IDE basics 101 but for some weird reason my Menu Handler is orphaned from my menu bar after I added a second modified Menu Bar to the project that had a different Menu Bar Name. After that the Menu Handler is orphaned from both menu bars. I thought you could easily assign it by it’s menu bar name or visa versa in the Inspector. How do you tie a specific named Menu Bar to the original Menu Handler that I assigned to the original Menu Bar? I tried everything and even went though the Book 2 Documentation. Is there some simple thing I just can’t see.
Can Anyone Help Thanks

Is the Menu Handler a method of a window, or of the App class?
If a window, is the first Menu Bar assigned to this window in the window’s inspector?

Originally the Menu Handler was a method of the Main Window of the project, I think I confused it when I copied and pasted a MenuBar into the project with the same default name (MenuBar1) from another project. I renamed it then I deleted it.

I think I figured it out, it is all assigned in the App > Inspector > Appearance > DefaultWindow Dropdown is MainWindow

MenuBar DropDown is MenuBar1.

For some weird reason though with the above settings the debug is building the MainWindow without a menu. Thank god I saved the original Project file and started over.

A lesson learned if your copying and pasting a MenuBar into a project make sure it has a unique name different from the original that is already in the project.