IDE Logout after MacOS update - Update for 2019 R3.2

The behaviour is known: the IDE logs out after a regular system update on MacOS.

The problem is, that after opening a project, the save format goes from “Text” to “Binary”. So after saving you’re overwriting your “.xojo_project” with a binary.
This kills the ability to use Git. If you don’t notice it right away, then you probably loose a lot of work until the first save. And due to the lack of Git, you may even forgot which changes you’ve made.

This happened regularly to several developers here in our company, which first, super annoying and second extremely time and money wasting.

Because we are forced to stick with Webframework 1, we stick with the IDE 2019R3.2.

@Xojo-Staff Could you please consider to fix this behaviour over a simple dot-release? This aint much work, but it’ll fix a major issue.

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