IDE History Question

This general question is prompted by the fact that I discovered that although Xojo allows me to have multiple projects open at the same time, only the first one will run in the test environment. I’ve even had to close all the Xojo windows and reopen the firs one to get it to run. I know it’s not just me, since I read at least one other (experienced) user reporting the same problem. I’m running in Win-10 btw. I’ve read a ton of posts, some going back years, and understand that fairly recently the Xojo IDE has been rebuilt. So the fact that only one instance will run leaves me wondering, why? I suppose it has to do with the new IDE working out bugs or performance issues? But OTOH, Xojo has been around (in one form or another) for a very long time. I guess my question is, why was the IDE rebuilt? How can a program with a long history falter on something basic like this? Believe me, i get that Xojo is supporting 5 operating systems, 3 of which it has to run on. A formidable undertaking by any measure. But still, that’s what Xojo purports to support. If it supports it, it should run it. Seems pretty basic, to me at least. I’m not trashing Xojo by any means; just would like to understand why things are where they are.

Thanks much.

Fairly recently is 6 years ago.

If you have multiple projects open… depending on how they are configured … only one will run AT A TIME… this would be due tot he fact that the IDE will sometimes (again depending on how named etc)… run as MYAPP.EXE and you can only have one instance of that.

If you BUILD the projects, you should be able to run them all, but then it won’t be in the IDE

I regularly run more than one app in debug mode on macOS and Windows

I have no idea why you’d be having such issues
Possible, as Dave mentions, they are all generating exe’s that are named the same

I guess such things can happen if you share ressources of certain type.

Dave, if I have 3 projects open, only the first one will run. The other 2 will not - unless I close all 3 and reopen one of the other ones. Yes, of course, I’m only running one at a time but it’s convenient to have multiple windows open to test stuff and see how things run. Anyway…

I literally have 3 projects open and running in the debugger in the 2019r1 IDE on Windows 7 right this second
Note all 3 are showing “Resume” which indicates they are being run

Norman, I’m on Win-10. Of course, that shouldn’t matter.

as does Norman, I often have multiple projects open, and have not run into this issue unless the IDE tried to run more than one with the same “test name”… but then I’m on macOS also

6-years ago? Wow. I thought it was like 2 or 3 years ago?

No it shouldnt matter at all

Once around 2006 and again in 2013

Maybe something I’m running interferes? I keep a lot of stuff open, but I typically have 8GBs free mem.

Maybe you are talking about the change from 32bit IDE to 64bit IDE.

When did that happen?

Xojo 2017r3, I think

On Windows ?
Anti virus is one frequent culprit
Or firewalls since the IDE uses a TCP/IP socket bound to the local loopback that often gets blocked silently by either Windows firewall or some antivirus ones

Thanks Alberto.

I have found I can’t run a desktop project while running a web project, but can the other way around i.e. desktop first.

Open each project and click on “This Computer” (or wherever you have a tick mark) in the left nav. Open the inspector and note the “Windows App Name” entry. If these are the same then you will not be able to run multiple programs at the same time in debug mode in the IDE, these entries have to be unique to run at the same time in the IDE otherwise they will just look like they are launching, nothing will happen and the IDE will just return back to a non-running state.

This can quite often be overlooked if you quickly create new blank named projects then save them as different file names as this “Windows App Name” entry will always default to “My Application.exe” and if you don’t built your test apps, you’ll never notice that they were called the same thing unless you actually went into this setting and noticed.

I quite often fall foul of this when making bug examples as I throw them together and they end up with the same “Windows App Name” and consequently I can’t run multiple of them at the same time until I change this setting.