IDE hanging on macOS when leaving debug mode


Recently, it happens to me more and more but when I am leaving debug mode (quitting the app) to get back to the IDE to code, the IDE hang and does not respond anymore. It did not happen to me before.

I have to force close Xojo and reopen the project and that takes quite some time on my Mac. The project is quite large but I hadn’t any issue before

I am on Sonoma 14.2.1 (M1)

Is there anyone encountering this issue?

Thank you

Nope. Haven’t see this before. Have you restarted the computer?

Yes I tried that before posting, changed nothing

But it does not occurs everytime

Have you done a process sample?

No, don’t know about that, will google that

Got a sample now, should I post it there?

Any reason you haven’t updated Sonoma?
I have seen some reported problems that no longer happen with later versions.
Note: not pushing you to update, just wondering.

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No reason, saw a lot of posts talking about bugs in Sonoma and as my version was working, decided to not update to preserve things.

You version contains lots of bugs too, probably way more than the current 14.5, update it and let’s see if something changes.

There usually is a lot of data. Do a quote around the text and then we should be able to see everything.

You could also create an issues ticket and upload it as a file there. That would put it on Xojo’s radar as a bug too.

It also would be useful to know the IDE version you are using.

What happens if you run and quit without using the application ?

I am using Xojo 2024r1.1

It’s works fine. I saw that it’s happening right after a certains operation where I use URLConnection to upload file to a remote API.

The application is still running but the IDE behind freeze. I can still use the application normally but can no longer use the IDE

I created a ticket

Could it be possible you have huge data (e.g. big array, structures, or long strings) that the IDE needs to retrieve from the debugged app?

The spindump is full of font related stuff:

1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 572 (UIFoundation + 202868) [0x196258874] (running)
1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 352 (UIFoundation + 202648) [0x196258798] (running)
1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 304 (UIFoundation + 202600) [0x196258768] (running)
1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 280 (UIFoundation + 202576) [0x196258750] (running)
1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 44 (UIFoundation + 202340) [0x196258664] (running)
1 _NSGlyphTreeMoveToCharacterIndex + 36 (UIFoundation + 202332) [0x19625865c] (running)

Have you tried to reset the Xojo preferences? Can you create a second user on your Mac and try if the user has the same problem?

Thank you for the answer, it seems that I found the issue. I have wrote the detail in the issue but basically I have overloaded the Send method of URL Connection and in this overloaded method, I try to write to system.DebugLog but it made the IDE totally freeze in some case (maybe when the data to write is too big).

Because in my case, I am multipart-form upload multiple files (total > 20Mo) and write this to the debuglog.

:open_mouth: you are correct, that’s too much, and you probably found some Xojo/system limitation.

Debuglog does its job with delays, postponing the output for a future event. Something “exploded”. :laughing: