IDE Gripe

It would be really nice if the IDE didn’t scroll to “Methods” after deleting a method, it could just stay where it was. I’m doing some refactoring and keep having to scroll back down to the next method to refactor.

Also if command + Q did NOT quit the IDE if there is a debug app running, it should prompt me to stop app and / or quit.


Agreed. I consider this a bug. Worth filling a bug report (or at least, a feature request).

This used to be the case, years ago, and this has been debated in the meantime, since it changed.
IIRC, Xojo inc. doesn’t want to undo this change, but I don’t recall (nor agreed to) the reasoning behind this.
I also experience quitting the IDE rather than the debugged app because of timing issues between my perception and the applications timing. Frustrating to have to relaunch the IDE to restart a debug session.