IDE "Find" behavior

I’ve just started to do a lot of development using a Windows install of Xojo (2015r3.1, but the same problem exists on 2015r4), and I’m having fits dealing with the Find command in the IDE.

When I type command+F in Mac Xojo, the Find window opens (if it isn’t already) and the text, if any, in the Find field is selected. So when I type, what I type replaces the selected text and thus becomes the string to find.

On Windows when I type control+F, the text in the Find field is not selected, so that anything I type is appended to text already in the Find field. This is 99.9% of the time not what I want; I want to find some new text. So I have to take the extra step of control+A, then type my text.

Is this normal behavior, or am I missing a setting or something? I looked for this in Feedback, but there are so many IDE bugs listed I fell asleep before getting to the end of the list.

Thanks for the advice, and apologies if this is a stupid question, but then, I’m a Mac user.

It’s not the behavior I want & I’m a Windows developer.

I’m a Windows developer too, and agree that it’s not expected behavior, but there are more important IDE issues to be investigated first.

I am a Mac Dev. too and think it’s the expected behav. on both Systems.

You are welcome. Always. There are no stupid questions. To not ask, would be … :smiley:

I see on Mac more than on Windows the preferred behavior is to have the text selected.
I’m also fine with the current behavior. If you want to append you are just a cursor-right away from it :wink:

I see it as expected behavior too and it annoys me to no end when I’m in Windows that it doesn’t select the text.

I don’t know if anyone has filed a Feedback item on this (a quick search didn’t reveal anything) so it’s worth submitting one.

I am starting to get there on nearly everything I use: the default prefs are not the one I expect. I never talk about that because I never read anything about that :frowning:

Example: I use Preview (OS X) for simple image changes. nearly 100% of the time, when I press cmd-I, I get the image information window open displaying the list of the pasted small images instead of the properties display (like Width, Height I wanted to see).