IDE Doesn't "unlock" items after closing if "Keep Xojo Running" is enabled

I was cleaning up some folders in my work environment and kept getting a “Folder in use” error when attempting to delete a project. The project turns out to be the last project that I had open in the IDE. After quitting Xojo totally I was able to delete the project folder.

To make certain it wasn’t just a Windows “thing”, I restarted the IDE, created a new project, saved it, closed that IDE session, and tried to delete it. Same issue - Folder in use. Quit Xojo completely and I was able to delete the project folder.

Apparently, the IDE is not releasing “something” in a project folder when you close the project, but don’t exit Xojo completely.

[EDIT] It’s the debug run folder causing the problem.

Yes. The debug executable sometimes remains locked, even after a reboot.

A MS utility called winfilefolder.DiagCab helped me in one instance where reboots would not fix the issue. I am curious whether your debug executable has properties at all. In my case, there were none. It was as if the debug executable was malformed or corrupted. Since I could not reproduce reliably, I never filed a feedback report.

Edit: this issue is also the source of another problem discussed in another thread: debug runs will not start. As long as the debug executable is there and locked, the IDE cannot replace it with a fresh one and the debug run fails.

Do you know - has then been reported in Feedback?

Not to my knowledge.
Here is one of the discussions:
Here is another one that is related.
in this last one, the Windows error I mentioned turned out to be irrelevant.

Nobody involved in these threads filed a feedback report as far as I know. You know what happens with reports that cannot be reproduced reliably…

…and only happens on Windows… :-/