IDE Documentation

Where in the docs do I find the page(s) about the IDE itself. If I type in IDE, I get a short desciption of what IDE stands for. Odd, I thought this was the Xojo docs, not Wikipedia.

In this instance, I want to be able to look up “Run paused” in the docs, a search for which gives no useful hits.

The link I like to use is (which is not on the Docs home page as far as I can tell).

From the above link, under “Topics” there are some expandable sections (click on [Expand]) where one is called “IDE Overview”, which I find very helpful, or in your case the “Debugging” section.

Under the Debugging section is a link to which does talk briefly about Running paused.

I hope that is what you’re looking for.

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Thanks Scott, that’s very helpful. Actually Fundamentals is the better one as that gives access to IDE Overview which has links for all the menu entries. Run Paused will help me with my Windows debugging as the Debug folder gets recreated each time you Run, and I need to move a folder next to the executable. :smiley:

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You may also consider using a CopyFileStep to copy your folder automatically on run, so you don’t ever forget to run paused (so you have to re-run again).