IDE: Design Window and the Line Class

I add a line in the window (Window Design Editor). With a width of 1 pixel (the default value), I am unable to select the line.

To select a line (the just added or any other one…) I had to choose its name using the Navigation pane… until I change the width to 2 pixels.


That’s an old issue dating from RB times. There is AFAIK a Feedback report for that. Unfortunately I’m not able to run Feedback anymore since the latest update, so I can’t check.

I couldn’t find the report for that particular bug.

I created a FR for a similar Line problem though - when adding the Line control via the keyboard, it appears in the Layout as a single pixel - <>

Usually, when I am not able to select an object in the Window Editor, I click and drag a rectangle around the object I want to choose, but this does not works (or does not display the object as “selected”).

A workaround is to use a Rectangle and in the Open event reduce the Width or Height to 1.