IDE Crashes when editing Structure

I am migrating a fairly large VB app to XOJO and overall it is going well, although I am having an issue with the XOJO IDE crashing when I try to edit a structure. It seems to be taking an OutOfBounds Exception, maybe trying to calculate offset of fields(?). The structures are in the application Super. I know the thought is to not use structures but in a few places this enables me to use the original VB dot.notation code - plus the migration tool converted my types to structures. Anyone else having this issue with XOJO crashing when working with a structure?

I had all kinds of issues with structures in Xojo going back to when it was Real Studio. Many of my VB structures I was able to replace with classes, which are much better behaved in Xojo in my opinion.

@Richard Dombrovski
It would be helpful if you could create a bug report and attach a project or a movie with clear steps of how to reproduce the crash.