IDE crash whle screenpainting

IDE - 2016R3 / Windows 10
Just painting a simple containercontrol … nothing special … but 2 IDE crashes today. This time I was just dragging a textfield-control a bit to the right.
I developed a 2nd nature: Ctrl-S after every successful action.

How should I file a bug-report since I cannot even reproduce the problem myself ? It simply happens all of a sudden and I don’t see the logic behind.

A movie might be helpful.

I have filled out their form to try their beta program. It looks like the program can’t be bought or download until they approve your information, and it looks like a solution to show a problem.

Is there a program, movie or otherwise, which can help track down bugs for Xojo on Windows? I run into these issues like the one Joost mentioned, and it would be nice to be able to help the Xojo team step on a few of these bugs :slight_smile: