IDE crash on adding a container control to a module

Can anyone reproduce this issue?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. New project
  2. Add a container control
  3. Add a module and a submodule
  4. Select the submodule and switch to the library
  5. Double click on the previously created “ContainerControl1”
  6. Switch back to the library
  7. Double click on the previously created “CustomContainerControl1”

@Jason Parsley and @Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell aren’t able to reproduce this with my provided video and steps.
Maybe anyone could help to reproduce it?
I really don’t know what I should provide further.

I can reproduce this on macOS 10.14 using the steps provided in Xojo 2019r3.1. You should open a Feedback Case. This is likely because you’re not supposed to be able to embed views in module, I suspect.

I’m on windows.
I opened a FC which was closed without any questions.
I have a Pro+ account so I’m in direct contact with @Jason Parsley who recommended asking on the forum.

Sorry, that should have said “I CAN” reproduce this. As it’s a hard crash, it really should be fixed, even if it’s just making sure that you can’t add views to modules in more scenarios. Can you provide me with the Feedback Case ID?

Ah, that’s good news :-).

For now, the correct answer is likely to be, unless something’s changed that I’m not aware of:

I’ve reached out and offered to help in replicating this.