IDE Crash in latest version

I’ve not had my license activate yet or added the feedback system, but just messing with the installed IDE I crashed it by running a blank Windowed (desktop) app on Windows 8.1, I dragged a new control over the top of the running (blank) form (from the IDE editors Controls list). I know it’s not really a bug, but as it uses 100% CPU it is quite obviously a glitch with the drag and drop system. As the debugger is linked to the crashed form it could potentially make you lose work. No one should ever be doing what I was, but I like to make things fool proof when I design them :slight_smile: fixing bugs that only 99.999% of people will never have. Chances are by fixing this bug you may solve other problems (or introduce new ones) - I’ll report this properly once my internet speed is uncapped and I can get the Feedback system installed.