IDE Communicator errors out

After moving to a new computer my IDE Communicator script is giving me only errors:


I’ve removed almost everything from my script and kept something very simple:

'scheduler openfile("/Users/beatrix_willius/Documents/Development/Mail\\ Archiver/" + "code\\ current/max\\ scheduler.rbp")

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

macOS 10.13.5, Xojo 2018r1.

Try using // for the comment

Have you tried opening that script and running it directly in the IDE?

I found the error. After using the migration assistant I had to create another user. I thought that beatrix_willius was the shell name. But the correct name was “beatrixwillius 1” which needed to be escaped to “beatrixwillius\ 1” for the IDE script. The error was really really confusing and I had to stare at the script very long and very hard.