IDE Can get unbearably slow! Mac 12.4

At times the Ice gets REALLY slow in just about everything. I mean in the code editor typing takes like a second to show up. If i try to use the color picker the new value does not show right away… and when it has if I moved the cursor it appears in a different place then it was originally supposed to.

Shutting down Xojo and or restoring can take care of it…

Anyone else seeing this?


Nope. On MBP M1, macOS 12.5, Xojo 2022r2. But my projects are still small. Do you see this, when machine is rebooted for a clean start, with one of the example projects loaded?

I only see it when I have had Xojo open for awhile… rebooting speeds it up again… (well it’s never exactly speedy - but at least not frustratingly slow!)

BTW I see it occasionally both on an intel 2019 27" i9 Mac with 40GB RAM and a late 27" 2015 iMac with an i5 and 24GB RAM as well as in both 2022r1.1 and 2019R1.1

As I have no way to reproduce reproduce there is not point in putting it in issues.


What does the Activity Monitor say about the running processes and COU and RAM usage?

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If it happens after a long session, check the apps memory usage when you see this happening (64036). Restart the app and see how it compares with a fresh run.

Also check how many workspaces you have open (64246)

If anyone wants to [BugBash2022Nominee] those two it would be appreciated as I’ve run out.

Torsten Bernhard beat me to nominating the bug.


Each time we do something in Xojo (as in everything else), we can undo that something.

After some hours of work, I wonder what the impact is on speed.

The only way to know (big project, lots of plugins - all MBS for example) is to save the project AND quit Xojo.
Then restart…
(A reboot can also be useful in case of downloading small files or repeated consultation of - different - internet pages: the files are placed in the cache of the browser…).