Ide build option include function names

i wanted to deploy a webapp to our webservers.
building the cgi version was the plan, but i couldnt get it running. Trying the Xojo-Test-App showed me that our webservers are configured correct.
Digging deeper and comparing my ide settings with my college, the option “include function names” was set to on, this was my default setting in the ide.
I dont no why i never touched the switch, anyway what is option used for ? There is nothin in the LR /Docs
And should this switch be disabled or even a popup note displayed when creating cgi builds ?

From User Guide Book 1: Fundamentals, Chapter 6: Application Structure, Section 2: Web Applications:

Regardless of whether it is ON or OFF, it should not affect your web app builds.

See also,

Thank you Andrew, didnt found anything in the doc´s because my searching term was “include function names” with white space
Thank you Paul now i realize that i have to check the books in case of problems with ide settings.
Anyway my app wont start under ubuntu 12.04 with “include function names” set to on.

We’ve also encountered other issues with both 12.04 and 13.04.
But those have, to the best of my knowledge, been on desktops.

Are these servers configured as 32 or 64 bit ?
That may be relevant as currently Xojo is only building 32 bit apps and requires certain 32 bit libraries.

These Servers are configured as 64 Bit but the 32 Libs are installed.