IDE bug


  1. Add pair of parent and child classes.
  2. Add a method to parent class and override it in child class.
  3. Change overrided method’s arguments in child class.
  4. Click at another file (e.q. Window1).
  5. Click at the overrided method in child class, the bug will be appeared (see screenshot).

Tested in Linux Mint 17.2 32-bit and Arch Linux X86_64.

Xojo version: 2016R3.

You must file a Feedback report if you’d like to see this fixed. Just posting it here doesn’t help us.

I finally can make Feedback to work on Linux Mint (inside virtualbox), but I can’t create/open a new case. The menu is disabled.

You have to search before you can create a new case.

Using the Feedback app

First search for the topic you would like to see if it already exists. Then you will be able to create a new one.

Thank you all.


work around

click the method name field & press return before typing into the params field

if you’re using the keyboard to select one method then when you get to the right one in the list press return