IDE auto complete doesn't work for system.log...

In 2014R3 and 2014R3.1 the auto complete feature doesn’t work for “system.log” and “system.log(system.loglevel…”. In 2014R2.1 it works perfect.

AFAIK there is no System.Log, it’s called System.DebugLog and auto completes.

Oh, but there is :

And it should autocomplete. As well as all the properties listed at that do not appear and autocomplete nicely in 2.1.

Horst, you should file a bug report.

System.Cursors doesn’t autocomplete either.

Bug report for “system.log and system.cursors” are generated #37446

Just found the answer to this one. Use the realbasic namespace.

me.MouseCursor = REALbasic.System.Cursors.Wait

This autocompletes.