IDE annoyances - cursor movement

Here’s another thing that I dislike about the new IDE (i.e. the one since 2013): The way the cursor moves when using word-wise cursor movement. On the Mac that’s done with option + left/right keys.

In any other editor, even the old IDE, option-left would jump the cursor to the beginning of each word, and option-right to each word’s end. That’s predictable and fairly quick.

However, the new IDE just to every beginning AND end of each word. That’s making not only me take long to jump around, but it also is inconsistent with other text editors, giving me a lot of grief when switching between editors.

And nothing is done about it, for years. As if it’s okay that the IDE breaks every common convertion and is just trying hard to make every editing prodecure slower that it needs to be (other examples: editing properties and parameters of new methods, having to use popup menus where a radio or segmented control would do just as well and would be less clicking, less keyboard shortcuts for these common tasks, and so on…)

The IDE works well in general, but it’s utterly badly designed at supporting a quick workflow.

Personally I don’t use option-left/right, but have you filed a bug report?

How about when you add a new method and the cursor (rightly) shows up in the “Method name” field and naturally when you’ve entered the name, you tab to “Parameters” and then to “Return Type” - so far so good.

But then tab takes you to the Navigator’s Filter, instead of to writing code for the method???

And of course, you don’t notice this immediately and begin typing “Dim i as new Integer” and - ahem - the filter cannot find anything named “Dim…anything” and so you end up with a completely collapsed Navigator and have to drill your way back to your method.

this isn’t the same issue as the OP was getting at

Absolutely. but it was the first thing to enter my mind when I saw the post title. I thought “finally! a time and a place!” and decided to take, utter complete advantage of the situation. And besides that, it’s Wednesday.

It is also not a current issue having been fixed in 2017R1 <>.