IDE 2015R4 crashes

I set up a new project with just one simple Window. On that window I paint a groupbox with some controls within it. Before I could save it for the first time the IDE crashed and I had to click the Report or Ignore button multiple times to escape from this process.
I started again and again and to be sure I restarted my entire Windows 7. Every second control on this Window, groupbox, listbox, textfield or bevelbutton, caused a crash of the IDE. Actually I was not able to paint my window without crashes of the IDE.
I have attached the small project here.
Please colleges get it and add some additional groupbox, listbox or whatever controls to it and let me know what happens to your Windows IDE 2015R4.
Of course I started again a new project from scratch but after just adding a control on the Window the IDE crashed again. I can hardly believe what I see happening. Unfortunately I could not even draw something for my customer to visualize his ideas. This was really a bad turn.
Finally I painted this Window in the Mac IDE 2015R4 without any problem at all.
So, regarding the Windows IDE, I end up with a really uncertain feeling.
So once again my request if someone can download the small testproject and try to add some controls using the Windows IDE. Thanks.

Did this in Windows 8 and added about a half dozen controls of various types. Worked fine for me.

I would clear the Xojo cache and restart and see if that changes anything.

Forgot to say that I allready did that.

@Bob Keeney - OK now
I just took a absolutely clean Windows 7 VM and installed 2015R4. Within 1 minute I had it crashing again, as described above. Next I went back to the VM’s snapshot to get a clean Win7 again and installed 2015R2.3 . … AND I PLAYED 1/2 HOUR SCREENPAINTING WITHOUT A CRASH.
Next I updated 2015R2.3 to 2015R4, opened the same project again and within 1/2 minute I had it crashed again, with just this bloody simple example project containing just one window and a few groupboxes with lixboxes controls. (see link above)
For this experiment, only the native plugins are loaded.

I do have a redundant computer at office with everything installed. Will check with that one tomorrow.

Above fully reproachable on other Windows computer too. IDE 2015R3.1 doesn’t crash where IDE 2015R4 (windows version) does frequently. FB 42094

Many thanks to @Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell and @Paul Sondervan for reproducing and investigating the problem. See FB 42094. The problem exist in IDE 2015R4 on all platforms, Windows, OSX and Linux.

I had the same thing yesterday. I pasted 2 listboxes on 2 tabs of a tabpanel. The listboxes were the same width as the tabpanel. The only way to get things going again was to make change the listbox width in Xojo2015R3.1 (less wide). Then everything was well again in 2015R4. Running the app with error showed that the second listbox was attached to the window instead of the tabpanel.

Yes I’m having 2015r4 crashing just by simply moving a listbox in a window in the IDE. I’ve had to go back to 2015r3.1. This is frustrating…fix it XOJO!!

Windows version on Windows 7 SP1.

Me too… No choice.

This has been killing me on Windows 10 for the past week with a desktop project. Constant Crashes.

I’ve read this is best release of Xojo yet… but it can’t be used on Windows. I just spent 30 minutes adding code/controls to a new window. Constantly saving the changes as I go, until the IDE reliably crashes. I restarted and the IDE prompted me to recover changes. I clicked “No” thinking, since I had been constantly clicking the save button I had only lost a small amount of changes. But no, when the project opens I lost all recent changes plus every thing from earlier this morning. Luckily I committed the changes to my version control software or I would have lost my 5 hours of work this morning.

Sorry to complain but it’s Very Aggravating! I guess I’ll role back to 2015R3.1 also.

Hi @Johnny Harris - it’s good practice to keep an eye on this forum and Feedback, to see if others experiencing the problem also and what they’ve done to deal with it. So, you could have known and go back to 3.1 right away.
According to the Windows IDE, version 2015R4 is a fiasco. But, there is also good news, the problem has been fixed for the next release as I read in Feedback.

Thank you for the details Joost. The next release can’t get here soon enough.

Xojo should consider this a “Code Red” and release an update ASAP!! This is unacceptable. What about the newbies trying Xojo for the first time and it crashes continually. Not a good advertisement.

Release 2015R4 crashes when moving a control in the IDE or changing a value in the properties, compile or debug. I cant’ send a bug report, because the feedback app does not work behind a firewall. So I go back to 2015R3.1 on Windows platform. On MAC I use 2015R4.

Operation System: Windows7 Professional - 64 Bit