IDE 2015r2.2 keeps building for Mac when I don't tell it so

I’m opening a project in the 2015r2.2 IDE running on OS X. It tells me that it has updated the settings to use Cocoa. Fine.

Then I check only Linux or only Windows in the Build Setting and use the Build command. However, it then starts building for OS X, which leads to problems.

Is that a known issue, is there a work-around other then avoiding this IDE version?

I switch between Mac and PC often.

I have seen cases where I go from Mac to PC and hit build, only to see it start to build Mac. (dang!)

If I stopped the build and changed to Windows, it still built for Mac.
I found I had to switch to Windows builds, Save, close , and re-open to get it to start building Windows.
I dont think I ever had the r2.2 IDE , but this sounds similar.

Yes, saving and re-opening helps. Though that’ll mess up my original project, so I have to remember to save to another name.

Actually, I found a quicker work-around:

Simply check and then uncheck the “OS X” target in the Build Settings.