ID 012175 Runtime Exception

This runtime exception (ID 012175) is happening on a customer’s PC running Windows 7, and I can’t reproduce it. Can anyone tell me what this error is? Thanks.

Did you capture message text and error number of the exception?

The only information is “ID 012175 Runtime Exception”.

Where is this information?
A dialog?

My app generates the dialog to the user. That is all the user sees. Normally a bug report can then be sent including a stack trace and device info, but in this case the report can’t be sent. The error seems to have something to do with network access. As stated, the error number is 12175. I’m asking if anyone knows what that number means. It must mean something!? Who knows what it means? Someone at Xojo must know? That is all the information I have.

We really need to know the context of the error as error codes are sometimes reused in different contexts.




WinINet failed to perform content decoding on the response. For more information, see the Content Encoding topic.

Thank you, that’s what I was looking for. I had already gone to and I did a search there but for some reason I got nothing.