Icon on System Menu Bar

How do I add an icon to the system menu bar, to launch my app?

You can use a NSStatusItem on Mac. And TrayItem on Windows.

e.g. with NSStatusItemMBS class from MBS Plugin.

Thanks Christian!


TrayItem also works on Linux.

MacOSLib (free) or Dtplugins (24.99 euros) make this super easy on OS X.

here are examples using MacOSLib

The above suggestions all add a temporary menu item to the System menu bar.

What I need, however, is a way to install a permanent menu item to the System menu bar, in the way that many apps do.


Sorry, - I realize that I have misunderstood the function of the icon in the System munu bar.


Simply have a helper app launch at login of user, so the app runs all time till logout.

Hi Axel,

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NSStatus MacOSLib

Thanks Axel.
Works great.