Icon Ideas?

Howdy doody,
I need to make an icon for my app.
The app is related to developing, and therefore, I would like some kind of symbol which represents developing in general.

So far, I have come up with the following symbols etc, which pop up regularly in my code:



Does anyone have any interesting ideas for minimalist symbols or characters which relate to developing?

Thanking you kindly :slight_smile:


I already tried that but most, if not all, are already being used on current apps.

I want my app to be totally unique (just like me) :slight_smile:

Haha! :wink: I usually try to find a nice icon that has royalty free status. Icons can drive you nuts … Searching or thinking of the perfect one is like searching for the purple unicorn :slight_smile: I have spent so much time on graphics, which I hold in very high regard within any App I write. :wink:

I can highly recommend the following company, I had them create some really cool icons for a client web project and can honestly say they exceeded my and my client expectations bu 1000%. They were really good value for money and provide a vector version which can be scaled to whatever size you need.


Here are a few cool ones that are cheap and 512px on down

I have purchased their icons before, but the icon is for an app I will be giving away free - so I do not want to pay for any icons.

I simply want to create my own (I have Photoshop CS5.1), but was just looking for symbols ideas.
Thanks anyway.

I’ve long thought that a green cube would make a cool icon.

hmmmmm…where have I seen one of those before???

On Star Trek.

Moldy Borgs …

Richard, if it’s free nobody’s really going to mind a self-drawn icon.
If you’re really self conscious about it, I’ve released free apps without icons in the past.

I guess I will just stick with what I have.

It’s now out of date with Yosemite, but here’s Apple’s guidelines on designing icons.


I created this icon for my app Aeon Timer long before Yosemite, but it fits quite good in the dock among all other flat icon icons :smiley:
me happy

Looks neat :slight_smile:

My icon designer sent the final for my latest project like a week before the official Yosemite announcement. I like the icon, but I’m not sure how it’s going to look in the dock.

What is the difference between Mavericks and Yosemite, in terms of the App icons???

You can watch the Keynote to see how Yosemite looks. It’s a little flatter, but not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.
The video they played is also available now: http://apple.com/osx/preview/video/

Thanks Tim - I saw the keynote live, but can’t really see much difference between the actual App icons ??

They are a bit “flatter” with less shadows and stuff.

Yosemite uses “flat” icons, close to the look of iOS 7 icons. And in several of them the picture is tilted left, akin to TextEdit.

However, there is no incompatibility with previous versions apps, and Yosemite will display their icons fine. They will simply look somewhat “old fashion”.