Icon for the Quit MenuItem ?

I set an icon to the Quit menuItem in the Menu Design, but at run time it is not displayed.

Is it normal ?

Fun with Icons in the MenuItems…

Both About and Prefs (Application Menu) HAVE their icons.

That said, it was a real pain to set the icons to the MenuItems. Since there is around 137 icons (minus a bunch of folders to set order in that chaos), so nearly this amount of entries in the Appearance --> Icon: PopupMenu.

Too late for me, and not so easy (I use a dash to separate the fields in the icons), but I’d better (you too) set them in code (App.Open) isntead of using your eyes to search (and then find) the icon name you want to use for the selected MenuItem.

Excepted the Go (Go to ?) menu of the Finder that have icons, I do not have (found) an application that have icons in its menus.

And since this is the macOS channel, I will not talk about other OS (Platform).

I don’t know, but I think it’s very unattractive UI.
The only dev I know off the top of my head with icons in the menus is @Sam Rowlands and I tell him all the time to stop :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand Tim.