Icon for App

I migrated from VB
have slowly but surely converted the code for a program into realbasic
for the life of me I cannot find a way to place the icon into - or onto the application
I find the icon editor, but cannot seem to paste my icon onto any of the places in that editor
what setting have I missed?
this is a Desktop app


Open the picture you want to use and copy it to the clipboard. Then open the icon editor through the app class included in the desktop project. Finally click each size and paste in the appropriately sized image for your icon.

Open the icon editor and then just drag the icon file (from Finder/Windows Explorer/etc.) onto the appropriate size area.

Oh Robert it might be easier than you expect. On Macs you are used to drag and drop your Files… so open your file explorer on windows and put them into the placeholder of the Icon Editor, voila. For trancperency use PNG Files instead of bloaty BMP or crizzy JPGs.

oh Paul has beaten me by seconds :slight_smile:

have not been able to drag and drop - nothing happens
been trying to copy the icon to the clipboard - no paste happens
I just opened the icon in Paint - selected all - copied to clipboard
now it paste into the icon editor -
thought I should be able to simply copy and paste it as “icon”
but apparently can only do as a picture

thanks for the replies - all of you are great to help

Paint? Don’t do this please. There are far more better programs for bitmaps than Paint… take a look here…