icon calling popover window

on the right side of an object I have a small canvas: clicking it a popover window pops up.
The Popover window contains some explanatory text and a popupmenu triggering some action.

What would be the right icon for the canvas? Blu-white InfoTemplate or actionTemplate (dented gear wheel)?

Thank you in advance.

The developer.xojo.com three horizontal lines icon ?

That icon allows to save the current page as pdf, to disk and others); in Firefox, it displaysÂ… a Popover that allows to set some properties, quit, default toolbar, etc.

If this is pure information, NSImageNameInfo (the Italic i over a blue circle) seems in order.

If the user is presented with a choice of settings, then NSImageNameAdvanced (the gear).

Yes, info plus choice of settings.
Emile and Michel, thank you both for answering.