Icon Caching in Windows 7???

does anyone know if Windows 7 caches the .exe icon anywhere, as I am having trouble changing it.
When I change my app’s icon in Xojo - all seems ok. But when I compile my app and transfer it onto my windows 7 machine - it still shows the old icon!

I have tried opening my .exe in “resource hacker” and changing the icon, but that still displays the old icon UNLESS I rename the file, and then it shows the new icon.
As soon as I change the name back to what it should be - the old icon reappears !

Soooooo annoying !

Thank you all in advance.

Please see if this is of any help http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html



Thanks - that worked.

Hi all, I’m having this same problem with my program (but it’s on a network and others are using it). Does anybody know how to get the icon to change for other users without the kill command? I’d hate to have to restart them and disrupt what they’re doing.