Icon Artwork needed

I am updating an old program and am in need of someone work can provide artwork for several icons on the toolbar in an up to date theme.


I meant to say for a fee :slight_smile:

I use Metro Studio to get the the flat type of icons in vogue these days. And yes it is free.

Perhaps Martin doesn’t have the time, skill, or could not be bothered creating his own icons?

Yeah, my apologies James, those are already created and done. I thought it was another icon creation program.

Martin, if you require a more bespoke look, do you have some examples of the style that you want and like?

I’ve done the trawling around for free ones and generally they look a bit adhoc once you try and blend a few different sets. I’m a bit out of touch with what is trending now on MacOS and Windows so I was wondering what it would cost to get someone with the skills to create around 10.

This is the current set I used back in 2003, it is more of a cartoon style


Martin, Like I pointed out in my last post, it’s useful to know what style you like.

Your preferred style will determine who is able to create your icons. The cost is arbitrary until you show an example of what sort of icons you would like.

Designers have strengths in certain styles - weaknesses in others.

[EDIT] Just saw your last post and link to the cartoonish style - Are you saying you like/want that style?

I don’t mind this style as the program sits in the education market but I am open to a cleaner utility style as well.

Ahh, pretty much not my style. I don’t do “Fun” graphics very well. :frowning: :slight_smile: I think those words were very similar to the very last words my ex-girlfriend used when she left :slight_smile: . . . “You don’t do fun very well do you Steve… too much time on that computer… etc…”

Hang on… hang on… phew!!!.. just had to make sure this wasn’t one of those dating sites. All good then.

Anyway, my style is more corporate but I can create a theme. Is it a “look” you want for this application, or an overall style you want for other future apps?

Well if you are looking for free metro style icons, that would take 15 - 20 mins:

Yep. And if you want it to look like everyone else’s, then that’s good.

If you want a bit of human thought and individuality behind it, well . . .

Yes I think I am after a more custom look.

I tried to check the Metro icons but it looks like it is Windows

Ok, so what “modern” styles do you like? Can you provide examples of the sort of look you are after.

Doing so will make it easier for me or anyone else to judge if they can create what you want.

[EDIT] Windows or MacOS has nothing to do with it. What is the style that you want?

Have you tried icons8.com ?


Even better: try starkrealitysolutions.com

If you have your microphone connected, you can speak to it and tell it everything your heart desires and it will create it for you.

starkrealitysolutions doesn’t work or was hat a joke?? icons8 is a great resource. I’ll keep exploring. Thanks

Yes, that was a joke Martin. Not at your expense, but just a poke at the concept of “design out of a box”.

If it suits your purpose, then go for it. If you do want something different then I suggest you employ the services of a real designer that can “capture” what it is you want to convey.

Hi Jeremie, I think cotton is close to the look I am liking. thanks

I try to use Material Design when ever I can

Their by Google and the base of it you can find at google then there is the community where the community has added more to the collection.

The link to the community page is here: https://materialdesignicons.com

You find there both the google ones and the ons the community has added.