Icon : @1x @2x @3x

First time I noticed this… but then its been a while since I wrote an Xojo app that had button icons.

  • I created a Bevel Button, with a left justfiied Icon
  • the BB is 32px high
  • if I add a 24x24 icon to the IDE… I now see places to drop a @2x and@3x version
  • SO I assumed that dropping a 48x48 version in the @2x slot would support Retina at some point
  • BUT it showed me the icon in the @2x slot, which was obviously too big for my non-retina
  • however when I run the app it shows “ok”…
  • is this a bug in the IDE? am I doing it wrong? why is there even a @3x slot

That’s a bug in the IDE

Because we use the same editor for Images as we do for iOS where there are 3x images.

Thanks Greg…
The bug I workaround, now that I know “why”,

since my icons “look” the same… is the bug showing the “highest” icon of the set?
if I only have the @1x that is what it shows, if I have a @2x then the IDE shows that one

interesting observation… If (on a desktop app) you put an icon in @3x, the IDE then shows the @2X at runtime instead of the proper @1x (assuming a NON-Retina display)