.icns software?

Does anyone have any software recommendations for making retina app .icns files?
Also, anyone know what sizes are required for retina app icons. The info I have seen seems to be contradictory.

Thank you all in advance.

Create a folder with the following files:

icon_16x16.png icon_16x16@2x.png icon_32x32.png icon_32x32@2x.png icon_128x128.png icon_128x128@2x.png icon_256x256.png icon_256x256@2x.png icon_512x512.png icon_512x512@2x.png

Now from the command line use iconutil -c icns /path/to/folder

Icons and can be bought in the AppStore ($4.99)


  • Export for OS X ( ICNS support ) Supports MBP Retina
  • Export for iPhone, iPad, iPhone & iPad Retina[/quote]

Thank you both.

Instead of manipulating the icns, I simply drag a 1024 x 1024 image over App Wrapper Mini, and it takes care of building the Retina compatible icon and placing it into my app upon build.

App Wrapper Mini is in the App Store.

Thanks Michel.

Don’t forget, you can always open an icns (or copy one from Finder’s get info window) into preview and manipulate it from there.