iCloud Thuggery.. any help?

I upgraded storage on iCloud and ticked the desktop and documents option.
I expected it to copy my files into iCloud.
It seems to have deleted the lot from my machine in the process… that cant be right, surely?

If I build my Xojo project, does that mean I am at the mercy of up/downloads to the cloud from now on?

precisely why I turn off iCloud on every machine I own. It sucked all my wifes photos, contacts and calendar and deleted them from her computer without permission, took me a week to get them back where WE wanted them… not where Apple decided was best

and don’t call me Shirley :slight_smile:

How hard could it be to leave them on my machine and have an option to say ‘here AND iCloud’ , or ‘iCloud only’
Going to waste hours and pretty damn stressful.

I havn’t photos and so deleted like Dave, but often icloud drive delete “things” you don’t want.
I always turn off icloud drive when I see one … too dangerous
you don’t know where are your files. so imagine a lambda customer…
and I’d better know my files are on local drives. and backuped.

Yeah… right now its uploading 30Gb of data to iCloud (veeeerrrrryyyyyyy slllooooooowwwwlllyy) , and its all totally ‘missing’ from my Machine

When I open an app and use recent files, they open. But they aren’t visible in Finder.
I hate this.

If I turn iCloud off now, there will be no files on my machine, and I know they havent all uploaded yet.
I think I need to wait until it completes, then copy 30Gb back again, then turn it off.

don’t interrupt it or you will certainly loose files. let it go to the end of the up-download and you may retrieve your files.
but absolutely don’t interrupt it !

The files should be BOTH on your computer and the cloud, but will of course only show in the folder iCloud since you told the computer to save them there. The folder iCloud IS a folder on your computer. When you modify a file then it will be synchronised with the file in the cloud.

Are you showing the folder iCloud in the finder?

Right now, yes
But my desktop is empty, the folder called Documents is empty.
Shortcuts into Documents where I keep important files have disappeared from the Finder.
If the files are on my computer, they are doing a good job of hiding.

you can try to connect to icloud.com with your account, and see what files are already up there.

Blimey. I was wrong about Desktop and Documents. See https://www.macworld.com/article/3267866/data-center-cloud/the-trouble-with-desktop-and-documents-enabled-for-icloud-drive.html - that‘s really dumb.

Exactly. I’m angry… l it stopped with 13 things to ‘upload’ …I left it overnight, hadnt completed.
Tried to turn it off…
‘Sorry… you must wait until the upload is completed. After which you can copy documents from iCloud back to your machine’
So it wont let me turn it off.

Yep. This is dumb.

Wont turn off. Wont let me sign out. Apple Support have had me reset the machine a few times.

So yeah… don’t click ‘Synch Desktop and Documents’, people…

Yep. Dumb (and dangerous) indeed Jeff. Hope you can retrieve all your files.

Who decided that it was ok to design these sort of semi-autonomous systems that treat the user like “they’re” the dumb one?

The user should be the one in control, like "I’ll tell YOU if I want you to automagically do that for me. Don’t assume that I’m stupid, and therefore you must help me.

So: after nearly 24 hours of frustration, my findings:

RapidWeaver sandwich files (.RWSW ) stall the upload.
I copied mine to a USB drive, deleted them from the Mac, and synchronisation completed.
Then UnSynch iCloud Desktop and Documents. All files become unavailable on the Mac, but thankfully remained in iCloud.
Then COPY the contents of the virtual Desktop and virtual Documents in iCloud, and PASTE into real Desktop and real Documents.

NowI have real files here , and copies in iCloud.
To use iCloud as a (non automatic) backup, I need to COPY on my machine, and PASTE into iCloud.
(If I drag a file into iCloud, it is removed from local storage.)

Apple no longer has any idea of, nor care for, what computer users want. One need look no further than the deprecation of Save As, or the total de-functionalization of Preview.

Even with synch tuned off, I am sure that some synching / copying without my intervention is occurring.
And the machine is perceptibly slower. I wish I had just stuck with external usb drives.

Exactly! What on earth were they thinking?


You know that Save As is still possible by pressing the Option/Alt button when the File menu is open? :wink:
(Shortcut is also possible)


With iCloud Drive, make sure you switch off Optimize Mac Storage in Settings. This is on by default.


Yeah, its still uploading stuff, and I found one of my projects ‘opens in iCloud’ with all the resources ‘in icloud’
I moved it back locally and lost all the icons in my menus.

If I turn that off too, will I lose access to ‘things that appear to be on my machine but probably are not any longer’?