iCloud - should I be excited?

In the entitlements for an iOS app in 2020R2, there is a checkbox for iCloud.

Any idea how I can use that entitlement to look in iCloud for a document, or put one there?

AFAIK you can now specify the entitlement. Actually accessing that will still require declares/a plugin. I believe most of CloudKit does require a plugin since it is async and that means declares cant do it.

You can try the MBS plugins…:wink:

Incomprehensible, sadly.
Wrappers for declares.

Why are wrappers for declares incomprehensible? I have no interest in learning ObjectiveC.

Me neither.
Which is probably why the documentation for the iCloud related features may as well be in Swahili. Im sure at some point they will be used by someone with a foot in both camps, and we will see how to make use of the calls.
Right now, the docs are more or less

’ a new feature DoBoogle - use this if you wish to Boogle, and remember to cornswaggle the blodgit first’


Have you tried/found the example projects?
Read Apple’s documentation?

And also read here: More than just a wrapper

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Objective-C is really a pleasant and nice programming language, not very difficult to learn… What I do not like is Swift.

Haven’t found any for iOS so far.

Read Apple’s documentation?

Dont understand it, which I mentioned. :slight_smile:

C ist not for my brain. Objective-C is worse.

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There are none for iOS. But for macOS.