IBM MobileFirst for iOS ... Apple finally gets serious about enterprise

Apple and iBM are teaming up to push iOS in enterprise.

Here are their press releases on it;



And the interview on recode, with Tim Cook and Ginni Rometty (IBM’s CEO ).

Going to be interesting to see where this leads and how Google and Microsoft react.

Could go the way of their other endeavours (Pink, Taligent, OpenDoc, etc)…

And the press release is full of enterprise BS words…

In those days where Microsoft went Enterprise, they lost their beauty of simplicity. I’m afraid that the same thing will happen to the products of Apple.

More and more products may arise, with fancy unmemorable names, with complicated functionality and with unclear pricing and availability.

The main reason why I am before all working with Apple products today is because of kiss : keeping it simple and serviceable (not stupid).

We will see …

Please make your cross :smiley:

BS stands for
[ ] Business
[ ] British Standards
[ ] Bulls…t

I’ll take option no 3.

  • landmark partnership
  • key industry mobility challenges
  • re-imagine work, industries and professions
  • end-to-end enterprise capability

Even more BS are the Windows 8 applications so called “Windows Store”. No ad hoc installation at all. Think MS has lost its marbles, this time :wink:

Microsoft don’t need to react, it will push it’s devices with its dominant desktop platform into enterprises, but Google… Are you kidding? Apple is not acting, it’s reacting. This is the Apple reaction to Google enterprise presence and acquisitions. Samsung Knox have 2 million corporate users and Google is inserting corporative technologies in Android since ever and now getting more serious on each release. :wink: