IAP with iOSKit.StoreKit

I am trying to get In-App Purchase going on iOS. I have used the example file from Jrmie Leroy’s example.
(http://www.jeremieleroy.com/upload/Storekit%20Example.xojo_binary_project.zip )

I have been able to initiate a purchase from the store but the transaction does not seem to complete.

I am pretty unclear on using declares etc. and classes in general. Any help will be appreciated.

Here is my file.

Not sure I can help you with this because I never used it (just put it together) but I know a few people here have (hopefully they can respond and help you). I think the issue could be that iAP doesn’t work when doing development testing without special setups. Maybe this will be useful:


Hi JP,

I hope the example I shared through email yesterday was useful.
Before Apple authorizes your IAPs you will need to do one in a compiled app with a test account.
The complete process of IAP will never result as “processed” on the simulator, but should at least result as failed.

Well I have got his working on my end but it is getting rejected by Apple. I think the reason might be Apple’s IPv6 network only requirement. How does StoreKit know what address to send requests to? Is there a hostname hard coded somewhere?

Yes, the hostname is hardcoded in the StoreKit framework.